Bocas Del Torro – Dolphins, starfish and sloths.

32km from the Costa Rican border (and what a border crossing it is!), lies the Archipiélago de Bocas del Toro in Panama. It consists of six densely forested islands, scores of uninhabited islets and Parque Nacional Marino Isle Bastimento Panama’s oldest marine park. Although Bocas is Panama’s principal tourist destination, you don’t feel like you are entering a tourist trap area and it still manages to retain its charm and authenticity. 


Bocas’ laid-back Caribbean vibe is enhanced by the archipelago’s spectacular natural setting. The islands are covered in dense jungles of 100 year old vine tangles and forest palms that open up to pristine beaches fringed by reeds and mangroves. Beneath the water, an extensive coral reef ecosystem supports countless species of tropical fish while simultaneously providing some seriously gnarly surf breaks. In Bocas, hiking through huge swaths of rainforest to arrive at an empty stretch of wave-pounded shore is pretty much the norm. We saw dolphins, huge starfish, microscopicly tiny red frogs, puffer fish and sloths. It was heaven for the kids and us too.

We stayed at an incredibly peaceful, well designed and authentic hotel called La Coralina. The owner Stacey, has created a haven for travellers to enjoy. Her taste in decor, amazingly delicious cooking and friendly parrot Bert, all make you never want to leave. If you heading to Bocas, please, please stay there. Here is their link:

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