Surfing at Cabuya


The coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula has world class beaches and amazing surf. During the rainy or green season, the surf gets pretty ‘fun’ according to the seriously good surfers and ‘slightly scary’ to the novices. I’ve written before as to why this is my favourite time of year but there is another reason why you should come here during July – September – the surf at Cabuya.


Cabuya is not known for its surf as it is located on the east or inner side of the Peninsula. Its a sleepy little spot sandwiched between Montezuma and the Cabo Blanco national park.


However, when a big swell is approaching from the Pacific in the green season, the surfers head to Cabuya to catch some really long and ‘fun’ waves. I am not a surfer, but my husband is and he loves his little day trips over to Cabuya with the vital pit stop to the bakery in Cabuya which happens to make excellent bread and also serves cold beers. How fortunate.


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