The diversity of music in Costa Rica and especially Santa Teresa



Most people coming to Costa Rica wont know the diversity of music that’s on offer all over the country. From DJ’s to live bands to school drumming there’s something for everyone. Having little or no international recognition, one of the most traditional and most authentic of Costa Rican music is from the Caribbean side and is called calypso. Heavily Influenced by Trinidad and the Afro Caribbean sound of Puerto Viejo and Limon, calypso is representative of the pura vida way of life and gives you a truly happy smile.


If this is not to your liking then check out some of the dancehall or traditional folk scenes on the Nicoya Peninsula. You haven’t lived until you’re witnessed the Costa Rican dancing at one of the bull friendly rodeo weekends. Dressed up in all their glorious cowboy and cowgirl outfits this is line dancing done to perfection to the sounds of more accordian and guitar based music.

If you’re a more rock based fan then San Jose has a strong tradition in hosting some of the world’s best bands most recently the Red Hot Chilly Peppers toured here but If you prefer the smaller more intimate venue then check out the live bands on Thursday’s at Kika restaurant and The Common People @ Al Chile Viola on Mondays both in Santa Teresa, South Nicoya, guaranteed fun night out.

For more electronic orientated music www.purasonica is where you want to be, Costa Rican No1 electronic online radio station. They have a full listing on where’s best to go and what to do all the year round whilst streaming beautiful blissed out beach music 24hrs a day with no commercials.

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