To 4×4 or not to 4X4

This is a no-brainer in the wet season but we recently had some really lovely guests come and spend their second wedding anniversary at Casa Vista. They loved the house but didn’t have an amazing Costa Rica vacation because of the hire car they booked from Liberia. They travelled to Manzanillo in an ordinary car and not a 4×4 car. The journey had some difficult moments for them and they didn’t explore the area once they got here. I think they were a bit shaken up. I offered them an ATV to drive around in but they were happy to stay and relax at the house. It is really important to check information before traveling around Costa Rica. All websites, including mine, talk about the need for a 4×4 car when the serious rains start. So please, please spend the extra cash on renting a 4×4 car should you be coming to these beautiful parts sometime over September, October and November. Happy travels.

6 thoughts on “To 4×4 or not to 4X4

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