Santa Teresa beach is No 1 again



I think you should come and see what all the fuss is about.  Click here for more info on the best beach in Central America according to Trip Advisor’s travellers choice poll…..


My Costa Rica beach wedding

Jeremy and I got married on the 7th Feb 2012. It was perfect. On the beach in Hermosa, with so many friends and family that came from Oban, London, Dubai and NYC. A massive thank you to Lisa and Myriam from Mal Pais Green Weddings, who planned and created the day with us, Lem Lattimer photography for yet another stunning set of photographs for us to cherish and to Jamie Moore, our vicar.





New additions to Nautilus Hotel, Santa Teresa

Some gorgeous friends of mine (Adi and Erik) own and run a very special place in Santa Teresa. Nautilus hotel is a hotel with a great social space, swimming pool and great central Santa Teresa location and has been operational for two years. The rooms are large, with kitchen spaces and great value. Not only do they run Nautilus Hotel amazingly well, they also now have their delicious and healthy restaurant Olam open to the public and their open aired yoga studio with daily classes. Adi is a woman full of amazing knowledge about wellness, raw food cooking and makes healthy things with chocolate that you will not believe is good for you. If you are heading to Santa Teresa, please go and check Olam out, as well as their detox retreats and yoga programmes. 

The diversity of music in Costa Rica and especially Santa Teresa



Most people coming to Costa Rica wont know the diversity of music that’s on offer all over the country. From DJ’s to live bands to school drumming there’s something for everyone. Having little or no international recognition, one of the most traditional and most authentic of Costa Rican music is from the Caribbean side and is called calypso. Heavily Influenced by Trinidad and the Afro Caribbean sound of Puerto Viejo and Limon, calypso is representative of the pura vida way of life and gives you a truly happy smile.

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Brisas Del Mar restaurant – the ultimate place to eat in Santa Teresa



Last night we took the kids out for dinner and let them chose their favourite place to eat in town. I had confidence that they would chose somewhere excellent in Santa Teresa, because I also know, that their favourite place is my favourite place too. Brisas Del Mar restaurant is situated up in the hills above Playa Carmen, at the Buenos Aires hotel. It not only gives you the most awesome place to watch the sunset across the Peninsula, it has consistently amazing food, desserts and entertainment for the kids too. I had crispy pork belly with a blackberry apple compote and was in heaven and then I got to polish off the cheesecake that the little angels couldn’t quite manage….oh poor dears and lucky old mummy.


Bocas Del Torro – Dolphins, starfish and sloths.

32km from the Costa Rican border (and what a border crossing it is!), lies the Archipiélago de Bocas del Toro in Panama. It consists of six densely forested islands, scores of uninhabited islets and Parque Nacional Marino Isle Bastimento Panama’s oldest marine park. Although Bocas is Panama’s principal tourist destination, you don’t feel like you are entering a tourist trap area and it still manages to retain its charm and authenticity. 


Bocas’ laid-back Caribbean vibe is enhanced by the archipelago’s spectacular natural setting. The islands are covered in dense jungles of 100 year old vine tangles and forest palms that open up to pristine beaches fringed by reeds and mangroves. Beneath the water, an extensive coral reef ecosystem supports countless species of tropical fish while simultaneously providing some seriously gnarly surf breaks. In Bocas, hiking through huge swaths of rainforest to arrive at an empty stretch of wave-pounded shore is pretty much the norm. We saw dolphins, huge starfish, microscopicly tiny red frogs, puffer fish and sloths. It was heaven for the kids and us too.

We stayed at an incredibly peaceful, well designed and authentic hotel called La Coralina. The owner Stacey, has created a haven for travellers to enjoy. Her taste in decor, amazingly delicious cooking and friendly parrot Bert, all make you never want to leave. If you heading to Bocas, please, please stay there. Here is their link:

The perfect wedding destination


Not only are our beaches a wonderful place to come and enjoy for a vacation. They are a pretty spectacular place for a tropical wedding destination too. I know this as I am in the midst of planning my own Costa Rica wedding on Hermosa beach at the end of my garden in just under four months from now. There are several wedding planning company available to guide you through the process to make the whole thing pretty straight forward. We also have some highly talented chefs to prepare a culinary delight for you and your guests. A few choice private homes also offer beachfront spaces to seat up 80 – 100 for the event itself too. If you’re considering coming out here for your wedding, here are a few tips:

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Costa Rican Independence Day

If you’re looking for a bit of Costa Rican culture on your vacation to this central american country, then try and be around on the 15th September. This is Costa Rica Independence day, is celebrated over three days and signifies Independence from Spain in 1821.


In the evening before the 15th, there was a lovely procession of all the children within the community (from toddlers to teenagers) whom attend all the local schools. They have all created beautiful lanterns, some of which have clearly been crafted over weeks and days (with a little help from mum or dad). These are then filled with tea lights and they walk from dusk to the Santa Teresa soccer field (or football field to all my fellow English readers) with drummers and dancers too. The evening fiesta lasted for hours with local foods, more singing and lots of socialising. 


The following day we had another procession through Cobano, with more of the wider community and there was even a bank holiday on the Friday too. Festivities are always around families with dancing, local flavours of music and good food.



The first Purasonica Family Beach Gathering

Took place last Sunday at Rocamar. It was a great day out for everyone with face painting for the kids, great food & drinks and most importantly, the sound of Purasonica at one of the most stunning beachfront places along the Peninsula. It was a huge success and are now planning the next family beach party for when the season starts.

purasonica family beach gathering